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Spoken/Unspoken: Stories on Living and Dying

December 1, 2017 - March 25, 2018
Reception: Friday, December 1, 5:00-9:00pm

At the end of your life, what will you wish you had said?…

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This exhibition invites you to share your story, make music, and listen to others.

Spoken/Unspoken is a sound installation that features intimate stories from hospice patients in end of life care. Hospice caregivers meet with people nearing the end of their lives. They listen to their stories. They learn what matters most to them. They help them live and die with dignity.

The MAH worked with Hospice of Santa Cruz County to record some of these stories. Hospice patients reflected on their lives and what they wished they could have said to friends and loved ones. Then, composer and sound artist Lanier Sammons wove their words into a symphony of stories. When you step into this immersive installation, you can listen to their stories and record your own.

This exhibition was made in partnership with Hospice Santa Cruz County and Lanier Sammons with musical accompaniment from Meerenai Shim and Chris Jones of A/B Duo.

Image credit: Joop Rubens Photography

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Santa Cruz Art League

Spoken/Unspoken: Visual Politics January 5 – February 4, 2018
Reception: Friday, February 2, 6:00-8:00pm

Art is a democratic form of expression of the convoluted news around politics today… More Details

Utilizing both traditional and non-traditional mediums, artists all over the nation have been creatively expressing distaste or excitement about the happenings of national and international politics. This exhibition will showcase voices of artists who refuse to be silent and who actively engage in the citizens’ conversation.

Juror: T. Mike Walker, Artist/Author/Teacher

Image credit: T. Mike Walker

526 Broadway, Santa Cruz, MAP

American Women - Birds of inMigration - Ethel.png

Santa Cruz Public Library

Spoken/Unspoken: Unfinished Business

January 7 to April 8, 2018
Reception: Friday, February 2, 6:00-8:00pm

Narrative art is art that tells a story through imagery. Artists visually narrate by … More Details

…using a series of images that represent a moment. The power of art is in how and what it makes us feel. Images ignite imagination.

ART IN THE LIBRARY presents 4 local artists:

Sara Friedlander’s photographs honor women immigrants. Beginning with her maternal grandmother, Sara has digitally combined vintage photos with additional images to create what she calls “creative nonfiction”.

Lidia Hasenauer’s series records current history in a circus poster format using symbolism, metaphor, color and words.

Felicia Rice arrived in Santa Cruz in 1974 to study with renowned San Francisco printer Jack Stauffacher and apprentice with poet/printer William Everson at the University of California, Santa Cruz. By 1977 she had set Moving Parts Press in motion. Her work has been fueled by political, sociocultural and historical commitment.

Bob Rogers’ pieces are a personal narrative. Developing over time, they combine his experiences with current world events, art, history, pop culture and literature. Bob created the name for our exhibit, “UNFINISHED BUSINESS,” and sums up our goal perfectly: ”to entice the viewer to look closely and ‘finish’ the narrative in their own minds - based on their own projections and imaginations.”

Artists: Bob Rogers, Felicia Rice, Lidia Hasenauer and Sara Friedlander

Image credit: Birds of inMigration-Ethel, Sara Friedlander

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R. Blitzer Gallery

SCRAP – Santa Cruz Recycled Art Project

February 2 – February 24, 2018
Reception & Spoken Word Event: Friday, February 2, 5:00–9:00pm

After gleaning from the city's landfill, our artists create incredibly beautiful… More Details

… and diverse work–made from scrap metal, wood, discarded utensils and so much more, it speaks volumes. The need to not simply re-cycle but up-cycle is made obvious. Yet still, in a visit to the landfill, one can have more than a few words to say on how horrendous, exciting but perhaps hopeful we can be. Come look and listen to the sounds and sights of your city's dump!

Artists: Ann Altstatt, Vicki Assegued, Lucas Elmer & Chris Cravey, Cheryl Moreno and Lynne Todaro

2801 Mission Street, Santa Cruz, MAP
Blitzer Gallery 831-458-1217
Santa Cruz City Arts 831 535-8184

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Radius Gallery


Feb 7 - April 8, 2018
Reception: Friday, February 9, 6:00-8:00pm
Artist Talk: Sunday, March 18 at 2:00pm

The art of Bean Finneran moves us through wonderment, a visual… More Details

…poetry without words. Much like listening to grass blow in the wind or watching sea life pulse in water, you feel a stillness inside you as you witness everything move around you.

Her forms suggest fragments of a conversation, sound bites from nature, or layering of language. Upon construction (and deconstruction) you experience the musicality of the work, clay tinking and sliding gently to create forms that reference the vocabularies of geometry and organized chaos. Each sculpture is composed of thousands of handmade ceramic elements, placed one by one, with the shape determined as space and form speak to the artist – no single piece is the same.

Image credit: Stripe Construction, Bean Finneran

1050 River Street #127, Santa Cruz, CA 95060, MAP


Mary Porter Sesnon Gallery

Spoken/Unspoken: Forms of Resistance

curated by Shelby Graham and UCSC students

February 8 – March 17, 2018
Reception: Thursday, February 8, 4:30–6:30pm
Remarks at 6:00pm by visiting speakers Betty Avila and Alexa Kim from Self Help Graphics in Los Angeles

All events are FREE and open to the public.

Featuring work by Ruth-Marion Baruch, Laura Kina, Hung Liu,… More Details

…Yolanda Lopez, Irene Lusztig, Yoko Ono, Jo Hanson, Irene Carvajal, with artifacts about Angela Davis and posters from the Guerrilla Girls and artists from Self-Help Graphics.

As part of Santa Cruz's countywide SPOKEN/UNSPOKEN exhibitions, the Sesnon Art Gallery at UC Santa Cruz highlights a collection of artists and activists engaged with forms of resistance. The term resistance can represent various profiles from opposition to struggle; it can also portray resilience, strength, courage, and standing up for basic rights. Many artists examine the strength behind resistance and challenge the status quo from politics to art making. Selected artworks cover a range of outspoken topics of social justice from land rights to human rights and in a variety of unspoken print media and conceptual practices.

This grouping offers a diversity of topics and artistic approaches focused on particular moments and themes-from questions of immigration, representation to the fight for equality-that remain relevant today. At the core of the exhibition is the belief that artists play a profound role in transforming their time and shaping the future.

Sponsored by the History of Art and Visual Culture department and Chicano Latino Research Center at UCSC. All events are FREE and open to the public.

Image credit: Womens Work, Yolanda Lopez

Sesnon Art Gallery, Porter College, UCSC, MAP

Porter Faculty Gallery


February 8 – March 17, 2018
Reception: Thursday, February 8, 5:00–7:00pm

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Presented by ARRT, a Santa Cruz collective with local Santa Cruz artists.

Porter Faculty Gallery, Porter College, UCSC, MAP

Museo Eduardo Carrillo

Unseen/Seen: Stories into Creativity

Online only

The public is invited to participate in an online reception by simultaneously… More Details

…viewing the film online and responding to it in conversations with Betsy Anderson, Director of Museo Eduardo Carillo.

Documentary Film Maker Wallace Boss and Museo Eduardo Carrillo have partnered to enter the studios of three regional artists - sculptor Doyle Foreman, photographer Edward Ramirez, and painter Claire Thorson – whose art practice and process were shared with us. This film presents portraits of the artists and explores their creative process. Motivated by evocative found objects in nature, the desire to bring visibility to those who work to build and sustain our community, and world events that we are part of, even at a distance, these artists offer rare insights into the unseen becoming seen.

Filmmaker: Wallace Boss
Produced by: Museo Eduardo Carrillo
Artists:Doyle Foreman, Edward Ramirez, Claire Thorson

Image credit: Wallace Boss

Online gallery please visit

LauraFormanUntitled2016 (chalkboard).jpg

Cabrillo Gallery

Spoken/Unspoken: Cyphers

March 12 – April 13, 2018, closed March 26 – 30
Reception: Saturday, March 10, 4:00-5:30pm

Cyphers presents artwork that, without words, visually communicates enigmas to be solved or codes to be deciphered.

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Artists: Gina Pearlin, Steve Gompf, Lucy Gaylord and Laura Sloan.

Image credit: Laura Forman,Untitled,2016, pastel on archival board

6500 Soquel Drive, Library #1002 Aptos, CA 95003, MAP
Hope Kroll_Gear Heads.png

Pajaro Valley Arts Gallery

Spoken/Unspoken: Museum of Curious Perceptions

March 21 – May 13, 2018
Reception: Sunday, March 25, 2:00–4:00

Enter. Within these walls are works that will confound, surprise… More Details

…and delight. The Pajaro Valley Gallery presents an eclectic gathering of meticulous collections transforming it into Spoken/Unspoken: Museum of Curious Perceptions.

The story tellers. Their words reverberate throughout the galleries… unsounded whispers, mute cries, gagged laughter, thunderous unheard sighs – the splintering profundity of their unspoken words resound silently throughout each gallery within this fictional museum. Look, watch and listen with your imagination. The artists in each of the exhibits mold and twist, conjure, proclaim, contort and extract a story from objects mundane and sublime. Be transported. Enter their stories.
Artists: Wendy Akin, Jody Alexander, Marie Bergstedt, Charlene Doiron Reinhart, Steve Gompf, Hope Kroll, Victoria May, Beverly Rayner, Diane R. Ritch and Rose Sellery.

Image credit: Gear Heads, Hope Kroll

37 Sudden St, Watsonville, CA, MAP


Santa Cruz Mountains Art Center

SPOKEN/UNSPOKEN : Visual Stories of Migration

April 18 – June 16, 2018
Reception: Friday, April 20, 6:00-8:00pm

Since ancient times, people, animals, ideas, customs, and cultures have…

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…moved across our planet. Slowly or quickly. Seasonally and constantly. This endless mixing enriches our world in a multitude of ways. The Santa Cruz Mountains Art Center is participating in the countywide collaboration that brings together eleven art venues across Santa Cruz County to present on the theme of Spoken/Unspoken.

Our exhibit explores the impact of migration through the unspoken medium of art and the “spoken” medium of the written word.

The exhibit will include multimedia artworks that may be deeply personal—telling the story of ancestors and family—or more global in nature. We also invite submitting artists to include a written piece, such as a short story or poem, to go with their artwork.

9341 Mill Street, Ben Lomond, CA 95005, MAP